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Leave That For Lauren truly loves to create home and life organization strategies that are customized specifically for your family and how your home functions. We believe that the beauty you see online and in magazines with expensive containers or fancy systems can be recreated more affordably and designed just as stylish. We love the challenge of a good pile of ‘life’s collections’ (a.k.a your mess) and there is never a moment’s judgement from anyone on our team. We tackle a project together, or we can tackle it for you, so you can achieve a maintainable, sustainable system that functions for the long-term. We also provide seasonal services to clear the clutter from closets, playrooms, basements or attics on a frequent basis before it becomes overwhelming.

In addition to our love of Professional Organizing, Leave That For Lauren strives to simplify all of your time - leaving you to do what you do best. A busy family’s dream come true, we can help you accomplish your entire to-do list - just Leave That For Lauren.


Whatever the job, we’ve got you covered. Contact us now.

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Create Serenity in Your Spaces

Our passion lays in creating spaces where you feel calm and have a plan to keep it running that way. We will collaborate with you to organize your home - closets, playrooms, kitchens or special projects and find a maintainable system that is customized to the way your family functions.

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