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Laura I. Glenview IL

Lasting Impact

I hired Lauren to help me get ready for a huge home renovation. The minute I hired her I knew she would be great. She gets the job done. You can be there helping, or she is great left on her own too. She really got me ready for this project. Through the process, we’ve become friends too. It’s always nice when you get along with someone who is in your house quite a bit and in your things. She shows no judgement. I would definitely hire her again. This will be a long lasting relationship. :) 

Sarah B. Glenco, IL

Sanity Saver

Leave that for Lauren has been nothing short of a sanity saver in our home. She has great organizational ideas, brings logic to the situation and does things quickly. So far we’ve done our laundry room, play room, pantry, basement storage, a tweens room and craft room. The best part is that she makes it easy to maintain order with smart storage and labeling.

Abby G. Deerfield

Finally Did it

 After procrastinating for months the task of reorganizing my incredibly disorganized kitchen, I finally decided to Leave that for Lauren Rosner Tenenbaum. She was amazing, professional, and had ideas I had never even considered. It was well worth the investment and the time it saved me, so I could go do stuff that I’m actually good at, which is clearly not organizing. Which I’m sure is no surprise to anyone who knows me well. 

Mary F. Wilmette

A Pleasurable Experience

A HUGE shout out to the AMAZING Leave That For Lauren for making my recent move one of the most pleasurable experiences. She helped me pack and move out of my old house, and unpack and get settled into my new home. I didn't have much time to do it all, and thankfully for Lauren, it all got done. If you ever need anyone to make your life easier, Lauren is your girl. Thanks Lauren!

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